Our Story

The story of Koval Builders begins with our founder, Val Kovalenko, who had a passion for construction and dream of becoming a home builder from a very young age, as he was fascinated by the woodworking skills of his grandpa Fedor. Grandpa Fedor didn’t have any fancy power tools but what he had was a big passion for his craft. He could build anything from wooden barrels to all types of kitchen utensils to building homes. Many years later that passion thrives in our founder Val Kovalenko who started his journey while still in high school working after school and weekends learning different trades. Fast forward nearly 20 years later from transforming older houses into modern, livable homes, to now have built nearly 200 new construction homes, duplexes, and now expanding to townhomes.

After more than few dozen major home renovations, Val turned his talent and experience toward developing the perfect new construction home, establishing Koval Builders with his wife, Tanya, a talented designer and real estate professional. Since then, the company has expanded to include a full team supporting the vision of building exceptional homes designed for you.

As a family-owned business, we understand how to design a home that meets the needs of the family that will live there, from the flow of the rooms to the distinctive design touches throughout each home.

We believe that building and buying a new home should be a wonderful experience. When you walk through the front door of your new Koval home, we want you to smile and instantly feel at ease, knowing that we’ve built a home for you that will last a lifetime.

To date, Koval Builders has built homes in the Charlotte region, as well as, other cities in western North Carolina, focusing on infill development and for the future, planning new home communities. Our team members live, work and play in the neighborhoods we build in.

Come… let’s build your dream home together.